Can anyone drive Gorilla go-karts

Our karts are automatic and very easy to control if you regularly drive a car. As long as you have a license valid on Japanese roads, you can drive a Gorrila Kart.However, Gorrila Kart cannot be driven with licenses for mopeds or motorbikes.For lisence query , please check the lisence coloumn

What about car insurance?

Gorilla Kart offers insurance coverage at just 500円
In case of accident , You should choose insurance beforehand at our shop for your safety
※If our insurance is not used by you at the time of accident, then you have to bear all the accident related cost.

Are there carts that allow for more than one passenger?

Currently, we do not offer carts that can support more than one passenger at a time.

What about parking during the drive?

In the event that you have to park during the drive, coin-operated parking spaces and the like can be used just as with a normal car. However, please be aware that the customer will have to pay out of pocket in the event of theft or damage to the vehicle.

Can highways be used?

Expressways, highways and roads requiring engines over 50cc cannot be used.But yes some higways can be used .

Can reservations be changed or cancelled?

If the weather is poor, or in the case of a weather report indicating a high chance of rain, reservation cancellations or changes can be performed anytime at zero cost.Otherwise, reservation cancellations and changes can be performed at no cost for up until 7 days before the date of the reservation.However, we handle matters on an individual basis, so please contact us for more information.

What is the maximum number of vehicles that can be rented?

We recommend that groups traveling together limit their numbers to 6.Larger groups can have difficulties traveling together, as they may get separated at traffic lights. Please contact us with questions about the number of vehicles you would like.